Linkis has become Ridder!

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that while is suspended forever, the concept of the project was not abandoned.

On our struggle with Twitter’s hostility towards independent developers

Dear friends! As you may already know, Linkis is being suspended by Twitter since 12 of May 2017. Our application is one of the most popular among independent apps on Twitter – just before the suspension, we had over 2 millions registered users and 800K+ active users, working with Linkis. And like any other developer, […]

Linkis in need of your help – once again

Dear friends! Thanks to your help we finally have managed to establish contact with Twitter. On June 2 we asked for your help – and only that benefited us. Finally, three weeks after we were suspended, we have received comprehensible answer from Twitter Team.

We need you to help to get Linkis back to work

Dear Friends, we hope for your support. As you may know on the 12th of May Linkis app was suspended by Twitter and remains banned till this very moment, leaving YOU (more than 500K of users!) without a simple and convenient tool you’ve been using daily. Linkis app was suspended because of the minor issue […]

Top 5 tools for promoting your social media accounts

So, you have like a dozen of social media accounts? And, perhaps, you’d like to put them to a good use? Keep on promoting yourself on web? That’s when you might use a good hand. Actually, several good hands.

Linkis HowTo

How to remove Linkis

Hello again! Nice to see you back with us! We welcome you in our next article of the “Linkis HowTo” series. Today we’ll discuss such an important thing as turning your Linkis off.

Linkis HowTo

Linkis HowTo – Linkis Digest

Hello and welcome back to our blog! Hope it useful for you. Today we are going to talk about Digest feature – how to use it. And what is more important, why do you ever need it.

Linkis HowTo

Linkis HowTo – Other Social Media Platforms

Once again we are glad to see you with us! Today we are going to speak about methods of using Linkis with other than Twitter social media. That could come handy if you’d like to promote your agenda covering media space as much as possible for you.

Hints and tips

10 good photo stocks you should note for your post

People like to watch, not to read. So don’t forget to fill your next post with quality photo content. And that’s when our list comes in.

Linkis HowTo

Linkis HowTo – Promo Bar

Hello and welcome back. Today we are going to tell you about such an important feature of Linkis service kit as your personal manageable Promo Bar, and how to use it to promote your agenda.