We need you to help to get Linkis back to work

68 Comments Jun 2, 2017

Dear Friends, we hope for your support.

As you may know on the 12th of May Linkis app was suspended by Twitter and remains banned till this very moment, leaving YOU (more than 500K of users!) without a simple and convenient tool you’ve been using daily.

Linkis app was suspended because of the minor issue – the usual thing which might happen to any independent developer, working with Twitter API. Such matters are usually resolved within a short period – right after the needed fixes are made. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case this time around.

Despite the fact that our Linkis maintenance team had implemented all the fixes necessary, shortly after we received the notice from Twitter (as we usually do), to this very moment Linkis app still unavailable for the users. Moreover no reply from the Twitter team whatsoever.

We hope that it is a case of miscommunication and oversight by Twitter team (rather than a new policy dealing with independent developers). Still, we need your help drawing their attention to our case.

Please, fill in the following: https://support.twitter.com/forms/feature_report?feature=tweets – choose “Something else” option and describe the situation around @linkis_com.

Furthermore, please send your tweets to @Support and @TwitterDev and ask them to restore Linkis.

Please, support our quest to #SaveLinkis and spare a few minutes of your time to reach Twitter Team. Thousands of hundreds of people, including our team, hoping for your help. #RestoreLinkis #WeUseLinkis #BringBackLinkis