Linkis in need of your help – once again

24 Comments Jun 7, 2017

Dear friends!

Thanks to your help we finally have managed to establish contact with Twitter. On June 2 we asked for your help – and only that benefited us. Finally, three weeks after we were suspended, we have received comprehensible answer from Twitter Team.

Twitter Team has informed us that they are not going to remove suspension from our app – and has listed three reasons. After that it has become clear for us that this entire suspension story is a result of a huge misunderstanding on the part of Twitter. As a matter of fact, all three mentioned reasons have nothing to do with the current state of things.

As soon as we saw such an explanation we clearly stated about misunderstanding occurred, sending corresponding letters to both Twitter Team and Head of Twitter Platform Team Mr. Andy Piper. Unfortunately, since June 2, we, again, have not received at least some response from them.

Since then we have been trying to establish contact with someone from Twitter Team again, and, as it happened before, we have failed to receive neither some answers nor some actions.

Currently we have more than 500,000 active users, while 70,000 of them are still subscribed to our channel. We kindly ask everyone to help us in contacting Twitter.

Also, please support us on Twitter. Together we can resolve that misunderstanding and #RestoreLinkis once and for all!

  • Again: please, if the reasons were listed (three reasons) why you do not name them…

    • LostTribe

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s very confusing to hear that it was a…

      • Diane Keith

        Hello! We have been trying to resolve the issue for two weeks. The main reasons…

        • Phantorang

          What do you mean by 1) Track your visitors feature ? And how about the…

      • Currently we have more than 500,000 active users, while 70,000 of them are still subscribed…

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    • i think the same thing 🙂 Sharing By Rey

  • Veronica Suarez

    I would like to have linkis restored asap please help us!

    • Diane Keith

      Hello! Thank you so much!

  • Dear Linkis admins ~ I strongly suggest that you create a blog post that clearly…

    • Diane Keith

      Thank you for your suggestion, Tom. But we wrote several emails to Twitter with our…

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  • shivkant

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