On our struggle with Twitter’s hostility towards independent developers

57 Comments Jun 30, 2017

Dear friends!

As you may already know, Linkis is being suspended by Twitter since 12 of May 2017. Our application is one of the most popular among independent apps on Twitter – just before the suspension, we had over 2 millions registered users and 800K+ active users, working with Linkis. And like any other developer, we did our best to fulfill any requirements Twitter had.

Nevertheless, Linkis was suspended for reasons we consider unclear.

After more than two months struggle, we have to admit that Twitter’s policy had become no less than hostile towards the independent developers. We’ve come to this conclusion seeing that while we were desperately trying to reach anyone from Twitter Team, they’d decided only to ignore us.

We can easily prove that Linkis app was banned due to apparent misunderstanding. Three arguments Twitter made in a single unsatisfactory letter are wrong and have nothing to do with reality. And while we are ready to discuss this issue and seek for compromises and solutions, Twitter is unwilling to talk to us.

During these two months, our team and loyal users who care (and we can’t thank everybody enough for supporting us) did our best to reach Twitter Administration. We wrote numerous letters, contacted likely every Twitter manager possible including the Head of Twitter Platform Team Mr. Andy Piper. All of them preferred to redirect us to Twitter Policy Team, without providing us with any help or advice.

Same goes for the questions left by our users – Twitter Policy Team simply decided to ignore not only us but hundreds of tweets left by our users. We think that says a lot about Twitter and their ethics towards independent developers (and users).

At the moment we see the situation as follows: someone within the Twitter Team made a huge mistake, but instead of acknowledging that fact and fixing it within few hours Twitter decided to abuse its authority and now wants whole situation and Linkis gone.

Despite Twitter’s hostile policy and silent treatment, we will continuously try to reach someone within Twitter. Until then, all the users willing to work with Linkis can use it manually, logging in via Facebook.

Unfortunately, for now, we have to postpone further development as we simply can’t do anything until the current situation is resolved and the app is back on Twitter. Linkis app remains inoperative, and we are sorry for that.

We kindly ask everyone to continue helping us in reaching Twitter and establishing the dialogue between our teams. Together we can resolve that and #RestoreLinkis once and for all!

PS: Once again we want to thank every single one of you who sent tweets and continue to support us through this difficult time.

  • Alpha Romeo

    I have also been suspended from Twitter for allowing Linkis on my site.

    • Diane Keith

      Hi! Sorry, can you explain in more details?

  • Shreepal Singh

    Twitter encourages its users to use its ‘Twitter for Business’ and Linkis was thought to…

    • Diane Keith

      Hi! We hope that we will be able to reach an agreement with Twitter to…

  • Randall Davis

    Yes this seems to be what is going on with a lot of us, I…

    • Diane Keith

      Hi Randall. As our platform works on Twitter, we still hope hope to reach an…

    • Tell me how you managed to solve the problem?

  • Stephen Saunders

    Really sick of getting your whiny emails and your unsubscribe link doesn’t work. Stop sending…

    • Diane Keith

      Hello Stephen! We added you to our “unsubscribe list”. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Same problem with miApples Media .. it has blocked our HQ Blog since last year…

    • Diane Keith

      Thank you for your support. But we still have a hope to restore the app.…

    • We can easily prove that Linkis app was banned due to apparent misunderstanding.

  • obviously twitter is one of ‘them’ now; give it up, move on

    • Diane Keith

      Thank you! We won’t 🙂

  • Sean Dempsey

    Unsubscribe! Why does your unsubscribe link not work!?? I’ve tried it multiple times but you…

    • sometimes they wind up in the spam folder, though why they would want that I…

    • Diane Keith

      Hi Sean! Please send us your email and we will unsubscribe you. Sorry for the…

  • I think Copromote app is also in the same boat. What platform is likely to…

    • Diane Keith

      Hello! Thank you for your support!

  • Jacek Oćwieja

    O co chodzi?

  • Alpha Romeo

    I tried to unsubscribe from linkis but your unsubscribe link does not work.Please unsubscribe me.

    • Diane Keith

      Hello! We unsubscribed you. Have a nice day!

  • Randall Davis

    Glad you all are getting somewhere, I however am still locked out, and have gotten…

  • “Unfortunately, for now, we have to postpone further development as we simply can’t do anything…

    • Diane Keith

      Hello! You’re right, we are really upset abut this situation. We do our best to…

  • “At the moment we see the situation as follows: someone within the Twitter Team made…

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  • I tried to unsubscribe from linkis but your unsubscribe link does not work.

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