Linkis HowTo – Autobranding

2 Comments Mar 17, 2017

Hello and welcome to the second article of the “Linkis HowTo” cycle. Today we’ll speak of the “Autobranding” feature – what is it, and how do you use it.

Linkis Autobranding is a tool that will automatically add your Promo Bar frame to any link you share on Twitter. Note that the feature works only with Twitter. So, to give yourself more time for any other activities, you’ll have to turn Autobranding on. That’s easy to achieve.

At first, go to your account settings:

Now, when you got here, switch on the Autobranding feature

That’s how it looks

In case you getting lost among all those settings and menus just look at the picture above and follow the steps shown. That’s easier than you might think 🙂

The Autobranding settings menu for mobile version

Be advised that if you don’t want to add the Promo Bar to some specific website you share, you can exclude it from being branded.

To do this just follow those steps:

At first click the Domains options button

Then add the domain name to exclude it from branding

To manage your links, go to Domains tab

After that fine tuning you may proceed to posting. Just go to your Twitter and post something.

The Domains menu on mobile app

That’s it for now. Hope, that was useful. Follow our blog, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in comments section. We’ll answer anything.

  • Sofia Garner

    Nice job, guys! Great feature ❤️Would love to use it for other social networks, like…

  • Diane Keith

    Thank you for your feedback, Sofia 🙂