New themes: looks and usage

Hello everyone!

We have great news for you: we’ve release 2 new theme that will blow your mind! In this post we will try to describe all aspects of using them with maximum benefit.
New themes are “Horizontal” and “Vertical”, they are the newest so they come first in the list of themes.
ScreenShot 184







Here’s an example of using “Horizontal” theme at





In this theme we advise to write short Bio and short description of your promo link while filling your personal information

And the example of “Vertical” theme at the same link source:

ScreenShot 186





In this theme we advise to upload custom avatar. Linkis automatically uploads your Twitter avatar but, as you can see, sometimes the size of Twitter avatar doesn’t fit the requested size (160×160).  Though this theme is perfect for long Bios and not that short promo descriptions.

As you can see, this theme supports not only promos but also your personal links. You can also choose the color of the frame, upload a custom background and a custom avatar! You can fully customize the theme for your needs, isn’t it great?
If you notice anything you’d like to change while using our themes, especially new ones, please contact us at We give a lot of attentions to users feedback while improving Linkis.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “New themes: looks and usage

  1. Wish there was was a way to make just a top bar like uses…..something really thin……just an idea……thanks for your time. I would like to see more of websites I share and less linkis area.

  2. Do you have plans to allow folks to signup with more accounts, ie. I have Multiple Facebook pages, yet I couldn’t select them when I added Facebook to my profile.
    And Google Plus too. We someone shares from these links, they are publishing with YOUR link, not ours, because we can’t add, the “Add this” features, or our googleplus, or others you have listed???

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