New themes: looks and usage

Hello everyone!

We have great news for you: we’ve release 2 new theme that will blow your mind! In this post we will try to describe all aspects of using them with maximum benefit.
New themes are “Horizontal” and “Vertical”, they are the newest so they come first in the list of themes.
ScreenShot 184

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How to disable proceeding for chosen URLs

Hi everyone!

As we told you before, you can use #NLN hashtag to prevent URLs in your tweets from proceeding by Linkis without unauthorizing it. In case you’re a newbie, here’s all the info about #NLN hashtag: But you need to use #NLN each time you write your tweet. What if there are few sites that you share frequently and you don’t want to use #NLN in tweets with these sites?
Use Domains whitelist! We created it to make your tweeting with Linkis even more confident!

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All over Linkis Themes

Hi everybody!
You already know how to use our themes and what are they meant for. Now we want to help you to choose one theme that will suit you the best.
At the moment, we have 6 different themes, which you can find at Linkis settings (you need to log in first). They all can be used to solve different tasks from promo-blocks creation to statistical data analyses. Let’s see what is the difference and the gist of each of them.

Sidebar Theme
This theme adds a neat light-grey bar to the right side of the page which can be also rolled up to a thin sharing panel. The theme offers great variety of options: sharing to the majority of popular social networks, polls creation, caption adding, statistical data of page popularity presented in figures and graphs. But the best in the theme is promo-blocks creation.
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We’re back just as we’ve promised

We’ve had some issues with our Twitter App. It was suspended without an obvious reason  and we had to have a long conversation with Twitter Support about it. But now this unpleasant misunderstandinding is in the past and we are Back on Board!
So you all are welcome to keep using our app and share your opinion with your followers!

Thanks for your patience and understanding
Sincerely your’s
Notlurking Team

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