How to use Linkis…but not for all links?

Few days ago we received a new feedback from our good old user. That person became our user when we had just started making first steps. And his advises have always been helpful. This time he said: I have a new customer, he wants me to tweet links to his product at Google Market. But Google Market doesn’t allow proceeding with Linkis. We analyzed our audience and noticed that lots of our Twitter users place ads in their tweets, including Google Market links etc.

And we solved that problem! Now, to post an original link without unauthorizing Linkis you simply need to add a special hash tag to it: #NLN. Which literally means “no Linkis proceeding for this tweet”.




A tweet with hash tag #NLN will include an original link. A tweet of our user without hash tag #NLN will include a custom link. Easy as a pie!

That’s all for today.

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Meet our new design

Our designers have done a great job at Now our main page looks awesome! Just look at these adorable waves and extremely userfriendly layout! Logging in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts is now even easier with great buttons in the header.

New design is a great opportunity to shoot new promo so we couldn’t resist. Check it!

The changes will be about settings menu, we are looking forward to release.

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