11 brilliant examples of promos for Linkis

Hi, guys! As you know, one of the coolest features in our Sidebar and Twitter Media themes is promo-blocks creation. Writing captions for them is an interesting and creative task. Today we’ve collected (and even invented) great slogans that illustrate how to write the best captions.

1. The Times
If The Times used Linkis to promote their new filial newspaper for iPad readers, they could write a slogan like this:

Key points in the caption: phrase “Read The Times on your iPad” targets the audience, users of iOS devices.
Slogan Yesterday is history encourage readers to be more concentrated and focused on up-to-date events, and call-to-action part Read and stay tuned encourages viewers to click on  the promo-block.

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Notlurking infographics

Hi everyone!

We’ve created this fun infographics to show what for we have developed Notlurking. The first and the most important idea of it is to make your researching process easier. Please share this infographics if it’s useful for you!



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Introducing Notlurking

Hi everyone!
This blog is dedicated to the new project called Notlurking. We named it that way because we think the conception of “not lurking on the Internet” is perfect for the functionality that our project offers. Our project helps you to share personalized links with your friends and what is more important – find out what they think about the info you share with them. You can add your captions to any link you shorten with Notlurking, create polls, monitor stats such as the number of views and likes for every single shared link and much more.

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Here is our first video tutorial that shows our all of our features:

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And have a great day!