New themes: looks and usage

Hello everyone!

We have great news for you: we’ve release 2 new theme that will blow your mind! In this post we will try to describe all aspects of using them with maximum benefit.
New themes are “Horizontal” and “Vertical”, they are the newest so they come first in the list of themes.
ScreenShot 184

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Backlinks to your social profiles in Linkis frame

Hi guys!

What a great feature we prepared for you! As you already know you can create promos in Linkis frame and promote your business, project, blog etc on each webpage you share with Linkis. In case you’re a newbie, please read the blog post about promos first.
Now, nearby the promo you can also place a set of links to your social profiles that will look like nice fancy social buttons!
ScreenShot 183

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Linkis: not a usual MyStartupStory

SlideShare is holding a great contest for startups named MyStartupStory. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to enter this brilliant and highly-educative competition. Especially, when the participants are judged by such PROs like

Dave McClure, founder of 500 Startups
Hunter Walk, partner at Homebrew VC
Guy Kawasaki, author and special advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google
and Douglas Crets, editor at Microsoft BizSpark

If you still didn’t enter the competition – hurry up, you have time to upload your story by Sept. 30, 2013.
So far, take a look at our presentation and don’t forget to share it here:

Good luck!

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