Let’s make Linkis more comfortable!

Hi everyone!
We’re holding a small interview at the moment. Our goal is to improve Linkis according to your wishes and comments. Please, check it and choose one of existing options or add your variant.
This interview doesn’t require your email or password and doesn’t save any of your data.

Thank you!

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All over Linkis Themes

Hi everybody!
You already know how to use our themes and what are they meant for. Now we want to help you to choose one theme that will suit you the best.
At the moment, we have 6 different themes, which you can find at Linkis settings (you need to log in first). They all can be used to solve different tasks from promo-blocks creation to statistical data analyses. Let’s see what is the difference and the gist of each of them.

Sidebar Theme
This theme adds a neat light-grey bar to the right side of the page which can be also rolled up to a thin sharing panel. The theme offers great variety of options: sharing to the majority of popular social networks, polls creation, caption adding, statistical data of page popularity presented in figures and graphs. But the best in the theme is promo-blocks creation.
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How to: make promos with Linkis

Hi guys!

We’ve already posted about our new theme which allows you to make promos, but this post will be even more specific. We’ll show you what’s the point of creating promos with Linkis and how to make them in the best way.
First of all, watch this videoguide. It will teach you how to make promos step-by-step

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Great offer from Linkis: promote yourself!

Hi everyone!

As we’ve announced, we are launching some great updates! You will certainly love them from the first sight. Why? Because now you can advertise yourself for FREE with Linkis‘ new theme! You can use every site you share with Linkis as your advertising platform by placing a link you’d like to promote on it. And everyone who follow the link you’ve shared  will see it! Isn’t it exciting?
Read this step-be-step guide on how to get a maximum benefit from this offer:

Step 1: Go to your settings at Linkis.com and activate Side Bar theme ON

Step 2: Fill in the Create Promo block. Click Save. The link and description you entered will be shown to everybody who follow your link (if it is customized by Linkis)

You have an alternative way to create promos, each time a new one. Continue reading

Most popular sites customized by us

We’ve done a small research just for our (and, we hope, your’s) interest and made a list of the most popular sites customized by Notlurking. The Top 6 list is created according to our inside counter.

You can click on each image to open the website.

Peoples Choice: Vote for your favourite movies, actors, actresses etc

 La Eje: Spanish website dedicated to music with live video stream and chat
2012 All K-POP Awards: a website dedicated to Korean Pop-Music and the best artists of 2012 
 Fanbase Awards: a website where you can vote for your favourite artists and performers
Friends Plans: a Turkish Social Network 
 Twittascope: a fancy Horoscope adapted for Tweets
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Notlurking infographics

Hi everyone!

We’ve created this fun infographics to show what for we have developed Notlurking. The first and the most important idea of it is to make your researching process easier. Please share this infographics if it’s useful for you!



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Meet our new video!

Hi everyone!

Since our first video is online, we’ve decided to release another one on YouTube. It’s less official then the first one. We tried to make it as short, informative and attractive as possible. So many thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for it’s bright pages that inspired us and gave such a nice background for our second video!

So what do you think of it? Please leave your opinion in the comments below!

And have a great day!

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Introducing Notlurking

Hi everyone!
This blog is dedicated to the new project called Notlurking. We named it that way because we think the conception of “not lurking on the Internet” is perfect for the functionality that our project offers. Our project helps you to share personalized links with your friends and what is more important – find out what they think about the info you share with them. You can add your captions to any link you shorten with Notlurking, create polls, monitor stats such as the number of views and likes for every single shared link and much more.

We’ve started this blog to keep you informed about our latest news, our ups and downs and all the happenings of the professional life of our team. Keep in touch by subscribing and get the news first!

Here is our first video tutorial that shows our all of our features:

In case you want to know more – feel free to contact us. We also have a special e-mail for feedbacks for those who not only want to know more, but have something to say.
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And have a great day!