Linkis presents: statistics for every shared link

Hello everyone!
Hope you are having a great time on these beautiful spring days.
We decided to meet the spring with an ultimate update that will totally blow your mind! We’re giving you awesome statistics for each and every links you share with Linkis.


First of all, how can you get your statistics? On My Links page. If the stats are available for the link, you’ll notice an active View stats button. In case your link hasn’t been visited yet and there is nothing to show, the button will be inactive (grey). Just like here:

no data





Also, before you expand the statistics, take a look at other tweets with the same link by clicking the replies button. All those tweets will appear in a small pop-up window. You can also see date of sharing, number of views, likes and re-shares.





By the way, you can edit the title of the link you’ve already shared and change the theme you used to share it. Use the editing button for it.

edit name




Now, lets see what’s inside of Linkis statistics. When you open it, first thing you see is different views data. You can get a number of views by hour, day, month and year.









You also get information about re-sharing: how many people re-shared your information to each social network. What is very important, you get your promo visits statistics, too! For example, according to the screenshot below, that link was visited 62 times, most actively on March, 25. 12 people liked and 14 shared it, 4 times to Facebook, 8 times to Twitter, 1 time to Google+ and once to other network. 27 visitors clicked on Linkis promo bar, 7 of them visited the promoted page and 20 visited personal information links that include promoted social profiles, blogs and websites.

lower bar



After receiving visits statistics you would probably love to see which browsers and devices your followers used. And how many of them were bots. So, go ahead and click on Browsers button.





Please leave your comments and share your opinion with us.

Thank you!

In the next blog post we will give you some hints about gathering and analyzing links stats and getting certain benefits from it, so

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