Looking back at 2014 with Linkis


It seems we’ve done a great job upgrading our service step by step this year. But let’s make a short overview of all that happened in 2014.

More and more about you. We extended the functionality of a personal panel: now it includes two more social accounts – YouTube and Instagram. You can promote your social activity even more and help your readers to know you better. Isn’t it fantastic to have a possibility to share anything you want with the most important info about yourself?

Daily Autoposting. To make it easier for users to stay tuned, we’ve provided a new additional tool for users who love Twitter and want to keep up with their followers, but feel a lack of time for it. That’s why Linkis Autoposting was created. After activating this option, users will update their news feed with a simple tweet of the most favorable link among the people they follow. It looks like you keep up with the latest news making no efforts for it.

Stats. We added a great tool to analyze your shares via Linkis. Statistics on each link processed by Linkis shows views and replies of your readers, so you can easily analyze your tweets and your audience.

Online support. Any questions you have are important for us, so we decided to simplify our interaction. Our users have an option to immediately contact our Support team using a Chat bar hidden on each webpage customized via Linkis. If our agents are offline your message goes directly to our mailbox so it won’t be missed.

Twitter instead of ads. Another great break is TwitterAnywhere plugin released by Linkis a few months ago. Our browser extension replaces banner ads with Twitter news feed widgets. So any time you’re surfing the web getting mad of all that promotional offers and needless information, just enable TwitterAnywhere. Imagine, you’re keeping up with the latest news on Twitter while reading some articles or visiting your favorite websites.

Sure there is a bunch of upgrades on Linkis home page which now includes the top links processed by our service and a button to activate Twitter automation option immediately.

Nevertheless, we still have a few more great ideas to realize next year. Hope you’ll stay with us to become a part of these changes at Linkis. We truly thank you for being our friends for all this time. And wish you to get the best of the next year, tons of joy and prosperity, lots of smiles and everything you’re dreaming about!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

10 thoughts on “Looking back at 2014 with Linkis

  1. Just stumbled across my blog on here. I don’t really get the point… it just looks like my blog post is plagiarized with a linkis URL. I’d rather people just visited my blog directly…

    • Sure, there are some do’s and don’ts using Linkis on your blog. Still, you can attach any CTA to any webpage your share via our app. You can also promote your social accounts to engage with your readers more.

  2. Well, the Linkis is doing well, when it comes to popularity. Although I am new to this field, but still I know the name of Linkis, told by one of my old fiend, who is on blogging for 3 years now.

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