How to: make promos with Linkis

Hi guys!

We’ve already posted about our new theme which allows you to make promos, but this post will be even more specific. We’ll show you what’s the point of creating promos with Linkis and how to make them in the best way.
First of all, watch this videoguide. It will teach you how to make promos step-by-step

Why should you try it?
If you are a blogger, an editor, a journalist, marketer, if have a small business with high online activity, or if you can’t imagine your life without social networks – Linkis is your best assistant.
Use it as a sharing tool with Twitter automation feature. After you set all options in your settings, each and every link you post in your Twitter will be automatically proceeded to a custom link with a whole bunch of mindblowing features. That means, that every page you share will contain a link you want other people to see. You will draw attention to your blog, site, business etc as you usually do with ads. There’s only one distinction: with Linkis you’ll do it for free!

What it gives you?
Besides Linkis usual options (likes, votes, captions, handy sharing, views stats and link history, other tweets, reply and favorite options etc) new theme gives you a sapce to create your own promos! You can create a promo and place it on any webpage you proceed with Linkis. It’s absolutely free and it will stay on the page as long as you need. And you can always change one promo to another.

How do I start placing my promos?
You have two ways to create your promo. Both are incredibly simple!

1. Go to Linkis, Log in with your Twitter, go to Settings, turn on Sidebar theme.

Fill in these fields

After you click the Save button, your promos will be shown on all pages you tweet.
You can see how a page with promo looks like on a screenshot below.

2. Change the promo you’ve created earlier or create new promo for each new shared page. Go to Promo bar and click Edit

You’ll see a pop-up window. Fill in these fields









Voila! If you have any issues or questions – feel free to contact us

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