How to disable proceeding for chosen URLs

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As we told you before, you can use #NLN hashtag to prevent URLs in your tweets from proceeding by Linkis without unauthorizing it. In case you’re a newbie, here’s all the info about #NLN hashtag: But you need to use #NLN each time you write your tweet. What if there are few sites that you share frequently and you don’t want to use #NLN in tweets with these sites?
Use Domains whitelist! We created it to make your tweeting with Linkis even more confident!

1) Go to your Settings. You’ll see Domains whitelist bar at the top



2) Paste a domain you’d like to prevent from proceeding. For example,



3) Press Add button. Done!




Now every URL that goes to the domain you’ve chosen (for example, will stay original in your tweets until you delete it from Domains whitelist.
Hope you like this new feature. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Why is it that yall are posting on my behalf but I haven’t gained my followers I gust received a tweet from myself saying that I just gained 7 thousand plus followers and I only got 645

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