Great offer from Linkis: promote yourself!

Hi everyone!

As we’ve announced, we are launching some great updates! You will certainly love them from the first sight. Why? Because now you can advertise yourself for FREE with Linkis‘ new theme! You can use every site you share with Linkis as your advertising platform by placing a link you’d like to promote on it. And everyone who follow the link you’ve shared  will see it! Isn’t it exciting?
Read this step-be-step guide on how to get a maximum benefit from this offer:

Step 1: Go to your settings at and activate Side Bar theme ON

Step 2: Fill in the Create Promo block. Click Save. The link and description you entered will be shown to everybody who follow your link (if it is customized by Linkis)

You have an alternative way to create promos, each time a new one.

To create it, customize the link on our main page, follow the link from your own tweet or use our bookmarklet. You’ll see a side bar with a blue Create Promo button. Push it, fill in the link and it’s description (as shown below)













Save your promo. Now it will be shown to everybody who follow your customized link. You can change this Ad every time you customize a link.

Now, let’s see how our Sidebar looks in action and how to use it!
Expand the bar by pulling the arrow

Now you see all sharing abilities, Likes, your tweet and link source

Tweets by others with this link are shown on the page. No need to search for in in Twitter!

Create a poll to the customized page

Add some answers

Dont forget to check how it works!

Compose other tweet with this link

That’s all for today! Thanks for staying with us. Promote yourself with Linkis. Enjoy!

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