Do it for #RT!

Hi everyone!

How was your week? Did you work hard? Here at Linkis we did! And now, at least, we are happy to represent our new function: RT button! Aaaand…a special pop-up so that your followers retweet you for sure. To get the pop-up to the page you share simply add #RT hash tag to you tweet.

For example:




When your follower will reach the destination page of yor tweet, he will see a  pop-up window, which reminds him, that you asked for a retweet:

Afterwards, you’ll see how many people actually retweeted you:






Please, pay attention: this option is only available in “Sidebar” Theme. So, don’t forget to activate it in your settings at Also, you can not retweet your own tweet. The RT button will be disabled for you.

Thanks for your attention! New updates are coming soon, so stay in touch!

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