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As you know our Sidebar and Twitter Media themes have a cool feature – promo-blocks creation. When you want to promote some web-resources – a web-site, or your personal page on Facebook and LinkedIn, or a blog etc, you can use promo-blocks creation option offered by Linkis Sidebar and Twitter Media themes.

That’s how the Twitter Media Theme promo-block looks like (outlined with red rectangle)

Promo-blocks are used to attract your friends’ attention to something you want to share with them. To create one, simply log in to Linkis, choose the Sidebar or Twitter Media theme and add the page you want to promote in the “Create promo” section. Now you can process any link you like and share it with your friends and they will definitely pay attention to your promo. It is so simple!

Nevertheless, today we are going to give you a few hints on writing successful texts and captions for Linkis promo-blocks.

1) Title
The title sets up automatically so users can not customize it. Linkis adds the title given to the page you want to promote. If you want to promote a personal page on Facebook, you’ll see a title like: “Name Surname | Facebook”.

That’s how the Sidebar Theme promo-block looks like

The same rules should be followed when you create advertisement blocks on Facebook and other social networks. This means that if you create a group on any social network, you should pay great attention to it’s name.
For example, if your company is called Bestscreen and you import Chinese smartphones, it would be more beneficial to call your group “Best China smartphones”.  Describe your products, as company name Bestscreen may be unknown to many people and they won’t understand why they should  follow your link.
At the same time if your aim is to increase your company brand recognition use it’s name and describe the benefits in the description part.

2) Description
You have only 120 symbols to tell about yourself or your product, to accentuate beneficial features of your proposal and encourage readers to interact with your promo.
Seems a few? Not indeed. People do not read long advertisements as they have already got accustomed to short and attractive captions and now reject long ads unconsciously.

Tips and Tricks on Description writing

1. If you’re in a lack of space, use synonyms. “Neat interface” is shorter, than “simple”. Moreover, “neat” adds additional connotation, like: not only simple, but minimalistic and elegant.
2. The best product description is not marketing bla-bla like “we are the best agency” or “my working skills are enormous”. Do not impose your position to subscribers, but make a try to start a dialogue.
For example: Have a cute dog? Send us a photo of your pet with fodder package and win great prizes!

All dog owners love their dogs and think they are the best. In this case they really want to say “Yes” once they read the first sentence. After that they are encouraged to prove their point of view and win a prize (which gives additional stimulus to follow the ad).

3. Take into account many factors that can help you attract readers attention, like average age rate, season of the year, etc.

If you need to promote a hotel to the business segment in the middle of the summer season you can write something like this: Don’t waste your summer in the office! Spend best vacation with Royal Hotel. Learn more!






4. Choose the words and connotations carefully. For example, all slimmers want to get thinner. Don’t write ads like: we’ll help to lose weight! Instead, write something more impressing and precise, like: lose 4 dress sizes right up to the swimming season!

P.S. People love and trust stats. When you use numbers your ads seem to be more reliable.

5. Encourage readers to perform an action (share, like, retweet or click on the link). Do not wait until they click on the Like button, offer them to do that. When you ask a question (Sidebar and Twitter Media themes have poll option as well) or call people to do something they interact with greater inclination.
To do that, you can use common word-combinations like: Like/Click it, Stay in touch, or Learn/Find out more, or try to invent something more creative: Click and win (if you speak about shops promotions), Go there now, Get wiser, etc.
It would be great if you could connect the call to action with the needs of your readers. For example, if you want to promote a dating website you can write something like: Connect and stop being lonely! Word-combination “stop being lonely” is very emotional and attracts a lot of attention.





That’s all for today. Hope these tips were useful for you and your future promotions! Share your promo success stories with us via contact form!

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