Great offer from Linkis: promote yourself!

Hi everyone!

As we’ve announced, we are launching some great updates! You will certainly love them from the first sight. Why? Because now you can advertise yourself for FREE with Linkis‘ new theme! You can use every site you share with Linkis as your advertising platform by placing a link you’d like to promote on it. And everyone who follow the link you’ve shared  will see it! Isn’t it exciting?
Read this step-be-step guide on how to get a maximum benefit from this offer:

Step 1: Go to your settings at and activate Side Bar theme ON

Step 2: Fill in the Create Promo block. Click Save. The link and description you entered will be shown to everybody who follow your link (if it is customized by Linkis)

You have an alternative way to create promos, each time a new one. Continue reading

Meet the new Mobile Theme

Hi everyone!

We have some updates that we’d like to share with you. We’ve finally released mobile themes. Now, following the link processed with Linkis on your mobile device (whether it’s iOS, Android or other) your destination page will look like this:




As you can see, mobile theme is almost invisible and very userfriendly. Linkis bar is easy-to-hide and it looks like a tiny panel.








But when you need to share the page, when you want to like it or to see the source link – simply expand it with one click. And then roll it up with the small button on the right.






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Balloon-powered Internet access by Google

Have you ever been stuck somewhere with no access to the internet? It sucks, right? The internet is one of the most transformative and educational technologies of modern times. But did you know that for every person in the world who can get online, there are two other people who cannot? Access to a fast, reliable, and affordable internet connection is still out of reach to too many citizens of Earth.

Solving such a geologically challenging problem will require exploring this issue from new angles. So Google is launching a moonshot attempt to provide balloon-powered internet access to all. Yes, balloons, and it’s called Project Loon!

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Easy – easier – the easiest

The easiest way to customize links in your tweets instantly is to use Notlurking. Seriously. Specially, after we’ve created one more theme. We call it “Simple Light”. You can turn it ON in your settings at

We’ve even made a video about this great feature:

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Meet our new design

Our designers have done a great job at Now our main page looks awesome! Just look at these adorable waves and extremely userfriendly layout! Logging in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts is now even easier with great buttons in the header.

New design is a great opportunity to shoot new promo so we couldn’t resist. Check it!

The changes will be about settings menu, we are looking forward to release.

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Most popular sites customized by us

We’ve done a small research just for our (and, we hope, your’s) interest and made a list of the most popular sites customized by Notlurking. The Top 6 list is created according to our inside counter.

You can click on each image to open the website.

Peoples Choice: Vote for your favourite movies, actors, actresses etc

 La Eje: Spanish website dedicated to music with live video stream and chat
2012 All K-POP Awards: a website dedicated to Korean Pop-Music and the best artists of 2012 
 Fanbase Awards: a website where you can vote for your favourite artists and performers
Friends Plans: a Turkish Social Network 
 Twittascope: a fancy Horoscope adapted for Tweets
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