Recalling the outgoing year with Linkis


We hope you all enjoy the holiday season and already wished a Merry Christmas to your beloved ones. We also congrats everyone, and would like to look back at 2015 and remember all the work we’ve done for you.

All new themes for your links

This year we were happy to release a whole new Horizontal theme. Some of us believe this is the neatest and the most beneficial theme because of its design and features for promotion. Briefly, it’s just a one-line panel on the top of a webpage which you can edit adding your social profiles, blogs, and websites. So far your Twitter followers will be able to find you on other platforms, or see more of your projects when opening your customized links. Once you update your personal settings at Linkis with the info you’d like to promote, all of your Linkis URLs will work for you.

Horizontal theme

We didn’t forget about those of you who prefer a Vertical theme and updated it too. We replaced the non-hottest features (Promo block and RSS feed) with something more useful. Now you can add up to 6 links aside from your social accounts and use it for various blogs, or websites, or whatever you want to promote.

We are also proud of a new Twitter Surf Theme which is a perfect choice to get more views for links you shared earlier. Your readers could simply miss something in your feed when checking you on Twitter. We use buttons ‘Next by @your_username’ or ‘More from @your_username’ to encourage your followers to read your previous posts shared with Linkis. 

Twitter Surf theme

New look for links on mobile devices

We did a great research on our users’ experience and created a few new variants for the look of customized webpages on the small screens. Now you can see your links customized with a panel of a Social Mobile or Twitter Surf themes (see a description above).

Social Mobile theme, as well as a Horizontal one, gives you a chance to promote your social profiles and blogs, or websites. At the same time, it doesn’t distract your readers from the page they are on as this info is hidden in a menu.

Mobile theme


Both themes showed a huge growth of views for Linkis users over the first week. So we’re on the way to implement the final updates and make it possible for you to manually choose your mobile theme (now it is set up automatically). See below how Twitter Surf looks on smartphones.

Mobile theme

Support interaction

This year we decided to interact more with all of you to know better your needs. Since late October we implemented a chat form on our website and have already processed over 216 dialogs. Whenever you want to share your thoughts, ask anything or leave a feedback you can easily contact us via our chat window. In case we are offline, we receive your messages via email, so everyone is heard.

And we are excited to tell that this year we reached the first million users on our platform! We appreciate you stay with us and we’re thankful for your support and loyalty. Everything we do at Linkis we do for you.

May the next year be even more awesome for all of us!

Looking back at 2014 with Linkis


It seems we’ve done a great job upgrading our service step by step this year. But let’s make a short overview of all that happened in 2014.

More and more about you. We extended the functionality of a personal panel: now it includes two more social accounts – YouTube and Instagram. You can promote your social activity even more and help your readers to know you better. Isn’t it fantastic to have a possibility to share anything you want with the most important info about yourself?

Daily Autoposting. To make it easier for users to stay tuned, we’ve provided a new additional tool for users who love Twitter and want to keep up with their followers, but feel a lack of time for it. That’s why Linkis Autoposting was created. After activating this option, users will update their news feed with a simple tweet of the most favorable link among the people they follow. It looks like you keep up with the latest news making no efforts for it.

Stats. We added a great tool to analyze your shares via Linkis. Statistics on each link processed by Linkis shows views and replies of your readers, so you can easily analyze your tweets and your audience.

Online support. Any questions you have are important for us, so we decided to simplify our interaction. Our users have an option to immediately contact our Support team using a Chat bar hidden on each webpage customized via Linkis. If our agents are offline your message goes directly to our mailbox so it won’t be missed.

Twitter instead of ads. Another great break is TwitterAnywhere plugin released by Linkis a few months ago. Our browser extension replaces banner ads with Twitter news feed widgets. So any time you’re surfing the web getting mad of all that promotional offers and needless information, just enable TwitterAnywhere. Imagine, you’re keeping up with the latest news on Twitter while reading some articles or visiting your favorite websites.

Sure there is a bunch of upgrades on Linkis home page which now includes the top links processed by our service and a button to activate Twitter automation option immediately.

Nevertheless, we still have a few more great ideas to realize next year. Hope you’ll stay with us to become a part of these changes at Linkis. We truly thank you for being our friends for all this time. And wish you to get the best of the next year, tons of joy and prosperity, lots of smiles and everything you’re dreaming about!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Linkis app for Twitter: temporarily down

Our app is temporarily suspended by Twitter Support, again. You can view the ticket here and support us :)
We hope that guys from Twitter Support will solve this problem quick. At least, faster than they did last year, when it took about 2+ weeks.








Information for Linkis users who used Twitter automation feature: Continue reading

All over Linkis Themes

Hi everybody!
You already know how to use our themes and what are they meant for. Now we want to help you to choose one theme that will suit you the best.
At the moment, we have 6 different themes, which you can find at Linkis settings (you need to log in first). They all can be used to solve different tasks from promo-blocks creation to statistical data analyses. Let’s see what is the difference and the gist of each of them.

Sidebar Theme
This theme adds a neat light-grey bar to the right side of the page which can be also rolled up to a thin sharing panel. The theme offers great variety of options: sharing to the majority of popular social networks, polls creation, caption adding, statistical data of page popularity presented in figures and graphs. But the best in the theme is promo-blocks creation.
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How to: make promos with Linkis

Hi guys!

We’ve already posted about our new theme which allows you to make promos, but this post will be even more specific. We’ll show you what’s the point of creating promos with Linkis and how to make them in the best way.
First of all, watch this videoguide. It will teach you how to make promos step-by-step

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Great offer from Linkis: promote yourself!

Hi everyone!

As we’ve announced, we are launching some great updates! You will certainly love them from the first sight. Why? Because now you can advertise yourself for FREE with Linkis‘ new theme! You can use every site you share with Linkis as your advertising platform by placing a link you’d like to promote on it. And everyone who follow the link you’ve shared  will see it! Isn’t it exciting?
Read this step-be-step guide on how to get a maximum benefit from this offer:

Step 1: Go to your settings at and activate Side Bar theme ON

Step 2: Fill in the Create Promo block. Click Save. The link and description you entered will be shown to everybody who follow your link (if it is customized by Linkis)

You have an alternative way to create promos, each time a new one. Continue reading

Easy – easier – the easiest

The easiest way to customize links in your tweets instantly is to use Notlurking. Seriously. Specially, after we’ve created one more theme. We call it “Simple Light”. You can turn it ON in your settings at

We’ve even made a video about this great feature:

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We’re back just as we’ve promised

We’ve had some issues with our Twitter App. It was suspended without an obvious reason  and we had to have a long conversation with Twitter Support about it. But now this unpleasant misunderstandinding is in the past and we are Back on Board!
So you all are welcome to keep using our app and share your opinion with your followers!

Thanks for your patience and understanding
Sincerely your’s
Notlurking Team

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Notlurking infographics

Hi everyone!

We’ve created this fun infographics to show what for we have developed Notlurking. The first and the most important idea of it is to make your researching process easier. Please share this infographics if it’s useful for you!



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Meet our new video!

Hi everyone!

Since our first video is online, we’ve decided to release another one on YouTube. It’s less official then the first one. We tried to make it as short, informative and attractive as possible. So many thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for it’s bright pages that inspired us and gave such a nice background for our second video!

So what do you think of it? Please leave your opinion in the comments below!

And have a great day!

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