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Hi everybody!
You already know how to use our themes and what are they meant for. Now we want to help you to choose one theme that will suit you the best.
At the moment, we have 6 different themes, which you can find at Linkis settings (you need to log in first). They all can be used to solve different tasks from promo-blocks creation to statistical data analyses. Let’s see what is the difference and the gist of each of them.

Sidebar Theme
This theme adds a neat light-grey bar to the right side of the page which can be also rolled up to a thin sharing panel. The theme offers great variety of options: sharing to the majority of popular social networks, polls creation, caption adding, statistical data of page popularity presented in figures and graphs. But the best in the theme is promo-blocks creation.

With Sidebar theme you can add a promo-block to any link you share with friends and colleagues. The promo-block is meant to promote a web-site or a page just like advertising blocks on Facebook or other social networks: it can lead to your blog-post or your blog in general, your company Facebook page or your personal page at LinkedIn, to a website or to any other web-resource. You just add a promo-block to any link you find useful or interesting for your subscribers and share the short link produced by Linkis via any channel you like. All readers who follow the link will find the promo block. Placed in the right bottom part of the screen it includes a link to the source you want to promote, a headline and a short description. Do not forget to make all captions as interesting and informative as you can to make your subscribers interested!

Twitter Media Theme
Twitter Media Theme shows every proceeded page just like Twitter does with files in its Media Gallery. The design is very laconic and dynamic. Dark borders do not distract user’s attention from  the content. The width of the page can be tuned for users convenience. Twitter Media, Simple Light and Sidebar themes have 1-click sharing to 100+ websites feature that allows sharing to a great number of social networks (while other themes offer only Facebook and Twitter sharing). Thereby this theme is perfect for those who want to cover great number of popular social networks in a short period of time. For example you are a devoted Twitter-fan and you do not want to spend time and study posting on other networks. At the same time you want to share your posts as wide as possible. In this case Twitter Media theme and its sharing options suit your needs best.
Besides, if you are a blogger and your web-site has no sharing button of a particular network you can use Twitter Media, Simple Light or Sidebar themes instead! In Twitter Media interface blocks are presented in two variants, expanded and collapsed. Collapsed mode is focused on social sharing features (the sidebar includes widgets of all popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Expanded mode gives more options to interact with the shared link.

Polls Creation. For those who want to get the feedback but don’t want to write PMs each time we created our polls that are presented in themes Simple Light, Simple Dark, Simple Gray and Social White.

Simple Light Theme
Simple Light theme is designed for those who like light backgrounds and simple neat interfaces. If you do not want to be distracted from texts you read (for example you use Linkis while reading fiction or news articles) you should try Simple Light theme! The theme supports our sharing to 100+ social networks plugin. You can share the best texts to friends all over the web as they surely follow at least one of social networks offered by the theme. The theme is ideal for those who share different content: images, creative ideas and other featured content to blog-posts to Blogger, newspaper articles to Facebook, etc.

Themes Simple Gray, Social Light and Simple Dark are our basic themes that offer such features as polls creation, likes and dislikes indicator, sharing options, etc. These themes are ideal for those who do not want to be distracted from content they look through, for example, in case of surfing through lots of images at Photo Stocks. When you get tired of hundreds of images you do not want to be disturbed by gaudy colors and obtrusive interface.

Theme Social White
Light and laconic design of this theme offers sharing to Facebook and Twitter options and at the same time presupposes minimum distraction from the web-page which a user shares with subscribers.
The design includes a thin header which presents the original link and views counter.

The footer is presented as a poll-block that is placed in the right bottom part of the screen.
The translucent white bar of the poll is placed in the right bottom corner of the screen and is very informative. Author’s comments, all information about the poll itself and all social features (like Share, Like and Dislike buttons) are united together for users convenience.

Theme Simple Gray  is designed in subdued grey tints, elements of the interface are placed not to overload the page and not to distract users attention from its content.

Thin header provides the minimum of necessary information: original link, poll, likes and dislikes counter and user name. The tiny footer lets the viewer focus on the users comments to the link and offers sharing option.
The poll, given in the upper part of the screen, offers multiple answers variants. Besides users can write their own answer. The poll-block also shows quantity of voting participants, date and time of poll publishing and its owner. Visitors can’t see the results of the poll until they answer thereby they get encouraged to participate in the poll.

Theme Simple Dark with its stylish translucent black design is created for those who prefer dark backgrounds. The theme is very dynamic as interface elements are placed around the screen borders and designed as neat blocks that expand when you hover your mouse pointer .

Dynamic design of the interface attracts users attention and encourages for interaction. These theme suits the best to share videos or product pages that present a picture and short and captive text. Subscribers read captions or watch video and the design itself incite them to like and share the page.

That’s all for today. Hope this post was useful for you, guys!

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